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Because the first post is the hardest.

February 17, 2009

That 25 things thing from Facebook:

25 Things About Me ♥

1. I don’t like making people feel obligated to do something they’d rather not. So I’m not tagging anyone. For this same reason, I will never forward a chain letter (even the recipe ones) or host a Tupperware party. But I don’t mind if you do. Really, invite me, I’ll probably buy something.

2. When I finally went to college, I wanted to teach elementary school. Then I switched to math and wanted to teach high school. Now I teach 8th graders and would love to stay at my current job forever. I can hardly imagine teaching any other age group (although I’m sure I will at some point in my teaching career).

3. I notice and love interesting number-related things. For example – my husband and I were both 21 when we got married, my wedding band/engagement ring set has 21 diamonds in it (purely by coincidence), and we were married on July 3rd… 7×3=21. That kind of thing.

4. I am really hard on shoes. They go from new to old-looking in about 3 weeks. Flats in particular are an issue. I tend to run into things without noticing, so my guess is that I am kicking objects or myself on a fairly regular basis.

5. I have more fonts on my computer than I will ever use (556, to be exact). I joined an e-mail list on Yahoo and get about 12 new fonts e-mailed to me every day. I use a new one for homework cover sheets every week in my class. Last week it was The Simpsons font, this week it was the font from Batman Forever.

6. I really love everyday things that are beautifully designed. This post ( sort of sums up that idea for me. Both Jordan at Oh Happy Day and her sister at Design Mom ( are fantastic at finding that kind of thing, and have inspired me to look for things that are functional and lovely at the same time.

7. I am a 7th generation native Californian on my mom’s side, and the first born in northern California.

8. Despite this fact, I do not tan. I burn. So I gave up trying to tan a long time ago.

9. I am usually in the middle of multiple books at once. Right now: Infinite Jest, Watership Down, The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre, and The Poisonwood Bible. They’re all really good.

10. When my students ask how old I am, I only answer “ancient.” I’ve had guesses ranging from 18 to 45. Some 8th graders either don’t know you have to go to college to become a teacher, or have no concept of how long it would take to graduate from both high school and college.

11. I think Uggs are really really ugly. I bought a pair this year (4ish years after they started showing up everywhere?) because they are hands-down the most luxurious thing I have ever put on my feet. I am tempted to keep them in my classroom so I can kick off the teacher shoes at 3:02 and let my toes savor in the fuzzy warmth of my ugly ugly shoes.

12. I would love to go to design school someday. I probably won’t have time until I’m a retiree. But I’m looking forward to it. Culinary school too.

13. I was in the first graduating class from my high school. So were my dad, my grandmother, and my step-grandmother.

14. I stink at pool and at chess. I’ve been told many times that I should be good at both of these things because I’m a math person. If I had a big enough protractor and they’d let me chalk the table, I’d probably be better at pool. I don’t have the patience for chess.

15. One of my best friends and I went to Paris by ourselves when I was 18. My purse was stolen within an hour of arriving, and the story gets better (but much longer) from there. It includes being chased through the subway by French police.

16. My husband has a knack for inadvertently letting details slip about romantic surprises he has in the works. His excuse is that he’s just used to sharing everything with me. I kind of like it that way. (And he does still manage to surprise me sometimes!)

17. Hazelnut chocolate with black-forest bacon. Try it. You won’t be disappointed. For best results, the chocolate should be straight from the freezer, and the bacon should be just shy of burning your mouth. Other favorite contrasting food combinations: McDonalds’ fries and chocolate shakes, M&Ms and popcorn, and ramen noodles with crushed red pepper… and a side of cottage cheese. Sooooo goooooood. Gah, my mouth is watering now.

18. I am practically blind without glasses or contacts (aside – I think contacts are one of the more amazing inventions ever). Anything further than 6 inches from my face is just a blurry blob. Matt forgets about this sometimes after I’ve gotten in bed for the night, and makes faces at me while he’s talking that I can’t see. Leads to some definite miscommunication.

19. One of my fondest birthday memories is of my dad pulling me out of school on my 9th birthday to go canoeing. He did cool stuff like that all the time. I also received a pink diary with ballet shoes on the cover for that birthday, and the first entry was about how this was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. I think I have that diary somewhere.

20. Every once in a while, I get a whiff of laundry drying that smells so cozy I just want to curl up into the scent. I have tried many different laundry detergents in search of this particular scent, to no avail. It came from one of our neighbors’ places today – I may just have to go make a new friend.

21. It has been almost 10 years since I took dance classes on any sort of regular basis, but I still think of myself as a dancer. I tap dance on occasion to get the attention of my 8th graders. It works beautifully. 

22. I am an only child. I also have no first cousins, despite having 3 aunts on my dad’s side and 2 on my mom’s. My Aunt Liza got married when I was 11 and I gained some step-cousins, but for the large part of my childhood I was the only kid at family functions. And it was not boring at all. I also think this is the reason I rock at board games. Because I do. I will school you in Pictionary any day of the week.

23. I have gone through lots of golf pencils this year. Two one-gross boxes, so far. I decided early on that “I don’t have a pencil” was not going to disrupt my class. They’re $4 per box, and come pre-sharpened – a small price to pay for a little peace.

24. I grew up in a sort of fringe religion, and left it when I was 19. Love talking about it, but not interested in blogging about it, because I love my family and want to maintain a relationship with them.

25. I’ve wanted to start a personal blog for about 2 weeks. It took me that long to think of a name that I didn’t hate, and that wasn’t taken (BY PEOPLE WHO HAVEN’T WRITTEN A POST SINCE 2002). This name was good enough, and available.

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