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It’s Good to be the Teacher: a list of reasons

March 1, 2009

1. Having a seat to myself on the bus down to the harbor.

2. Polite students offering to carry my stuff. (I didn’t let them, but it was awfully nice. They’re good kids.)

3. Not having to do any push-ups; one “sailor” did 125. The looks on their faces were priceless. “But… I’m a GOOD kid. I’m never in trouble!”

4. Having the key to the on-shore bathroom.

5. Coffee on night watch. It smelled like an ashtray, but at least I had something warm to hold. And wave in front of my jealous students.

6. Allowing students who are supposed to be on night watch to have a very quiet dance-off, accompanied by music from the club a block away.

7. First choice of bunks.

8. “Shhhh, you guys! Mrs. J is trying to sleep!” Like I said, they’re good kids.

9. Orange juice, cheese danish and yogurt for breakfast. The kids had plain oatmeal.

10. Neither heaving nor ho-ing.

11. No rope burns.

12. Below-deck privileges, and using them to grab extra layers for freezing students.

13. Keeping my feet dry. The students scrubbing the deck at 7am were not so fortunate.

14. Upon return to civilization, having car keys and the ability to use them to drive myself home.

Overnight field trips? Are awesome. Especially when you’re the teacher. The one downside: they hoisted me up the mast, and wouldn’t let me down until I promised them a party for pi day. (Which I was planning anyway, but now it’s supposed to include ACTUAL pie. And pizza, and ice cream. We’ll see.)

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