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In which I snowboard and don’t die

March 15, 2009

My first snowboarding experience last year was… not so good. I had a very nice friend who attempted to teach me, but first – I am not a quick learner when it comes to sports. (Matt STILL makes fun of my attempt to learn to play tennis. I could swing with beautiful graceful form, OR I could hit the ball.) And second, although my friend was very nice and patient, he was not a snowboarding instructor. After that day, I vowed to be a skier for the rest of my life, because lying in snow for 10 minutes contemplating exactly how much energy it will require to get up when I know I’m just going to fall back down again? Is not my idea of a good time.


Because we’re both tired of being so out of shape, when we joined a gym in February we also bought personal training sessions for both of us. And our trainer? Is awesome. He’s really really good at motivating me to do things I would never do on my own (like squats! And pull ups! And mountain climbers!) He’s also funny and laid-back and generally a really cool guy. And… he’s a snowboarding instructor. So when he invited us to go up to Big Bear with him and his girlfriend for a day of free lessons, I just couldn’t say no.


I am generally an optimist. But I was also freaked out and had convinced myself that snowboarding again was a bad idea. This is me trying to be funny about the intense anxiety I was feeling.

We had a great time. I became almost proficient at riding slowly back and forth on my heel edge, and that is enough to at least get you down a run without eating snow every 10 seconds. I also learned how to get up facing uphill, and then turn around without falling down (mostly), which meant no lying in the snow! (We’ll ignore the part where I caught my tail edge and had the wind knocked out of me, because I turned into a big frustrated baby for about 10 minutes before I chilled the heck out.) A huge improvement over last time, and enough to make me think I might actually try this again. Next year. 

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