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Meeting the neighbors…

July 19, 2009

Or trying to, at least. We just moved to a new apartment complex, in a new area of southern California. I’m not teaching for another month, so I have lots of time on my hands for crafty things.

Mmmm, chocolate chip...

Mmmm, chocolate chip...

The packaging is my adaptation of this idea, from Flights of Fancy. If you got this on your doorstep, would you come say hi?

I only gave these to our three closest neighbors (there are hundreds of units in this complex!) No response from them yet, but we have met a lot of really nice people out by the pool. I already have a regular invitation to a cardio kickboxing class from a new friend. It’s a very friendly, very young community – I think we’re going to like living here a lot.

P.S. My brain automatically said we were from Burbank, because that’s where I taught last. Not actually where we lived though, but I didn’t realize it till I’d already given out the cookies. Funny!

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