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Conversation with a Sophomore

May 8, 2010

Student: Mrs. ***, if you’re in jail, can you use your one phone call to call Europe?
Me: *puzzled look*
S: My friend just called me from jail – his aunt arrested him, and he needs to call his mom so she can bail him out, but she’s in Israel.
M: Let’s start with this – Israel? Not in Europe.
S: Yes it is! Then where is it?
M: The Middle East. It’s part of Asia.
S: Well, I just call everything that isn’t the US “Europe.”
M: Really? Like Mexico? Or Nicaragua? What about China?
S: No, okay, I mean countries where they’re white, but don’t speak English.
M: *boggles*
S: So, can I leave class to call him back?
M: I’m sure your friend will still be in jail when class gets out at 2:25.

You can’t make this stuff up.

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