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Small things

July 19, 2010

Things that are making my day today:

  • Goodies in the mail!
    • Two books from Paperback Swap. I can hardly express my love for this site, but the word “swap” is a little misleading. You list books you own that you don’t want anymore . Anytime you send a book to someone, you get a credit, and you can use it to request any listed book from another member, and it’s yours to keep. Just this summer, I’ve gotten all but the first in the Harry Potter series in hardback, along with 5 or 6 others I’d meant to read. So great. I’m reading I Know This Much is True right now.
    • Natural Laundry Soap – I ordered a sample from Wooden Fence Soaps on Etsy, and it smells delicious. We’ve been trying to use fewer chemical-laden products, but I’m not exactly a make your own soap kind of girl. This is the best of both worlds, I think, because I get to support a home business and save money on detergent AND wash our clothes in stuff that is better for our bodies. Win-win-win situation.
    • Kooz Bandz, purchased on crazy sale, thanks to the lovely Mir at Want Not . Apparently the funny shaped rubber band thing is all the rage among the elementary school set, and I just happen to have a niece going into 3rd grade. I get to be the cool aunt! I got approximately a zillion of them for about ten dollars, and now I get to surprise her with them before school starts. Yessss.
  • Spent some great time with one of my favorite teacher friends, S. We are tutors-to-the-stars’-children in Malibu during the summer, so we’re driving in together, and the time I spend with her is just invaluable. She is one of those friends who is entirely authentic, who talks about ideas instead of people, and who constantly lifts me up and supports me in my Christian walk. She also happens to be an amazing English teacher, and she ALSO happens to be going to Japan for two weeks tomorrow. I will miss her.
  • I am still CRAZY sore from the hike we did on Saturday, but it’s the kind of sore that reminds you that you accomplished something. And this was no small feat. The map even called it a strenuous hike, and in over 90 degree weather, it was. not. joking. around. I felt my heart pounding in my brain most of the way up. But I made it. We made it. And it was glorious.

    Hiking Sandstone

    We're at the highest point in the Santa Monica Mountains!

  • Matt just sent me a text teasing me about birthday plans he has in the works (for THURSDAY!) AND he’s picking up dinner. He’s the greatest.
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