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Etsy for my classroom

July 25, 2010

Since I spend so much time in my classroom, I want it to be colorful, interesting, and reflect who I am as a teacher, and how I want my students to feel about themselves, about math, about God and about the world. This year, I’m going with a red and aqua color scheme, and, of course, Etsy has more beautiful things than I could ever hope to afford. My favorites:

From Persimmon and Pink:

If this was aqua and reds instead of yellow/orange? It would be mine.

From letterhappy:

Do what you love

From Keep Calm Posters (sage advice for any struggling mathematician):

From paper & ink studio:

From Tasty Suite:

Origami swallows

Success in origami and success in math are dependent upon the same things. The ability to follow directions and pay attention to detail, naturally. Even more than that, persistence. Further still, those who enjoy origami the most are the ones who master the basics, and then use that knowledge to create beautiful new pieces. I may have just come up with an activity for my first day of school...

Nothing inherently math-y, I know, but I figured I’d do the beautiful/inspirational stuff first, and worry about the nerdy stuff later.

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