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There’s this girl…

August 3, 2010

Let’s call her H.

H grew up in the same (non) denomination as my husband, so they went to teen camps and the like together.

She was dating one of my husband’s groomsmen, so she came to our wedding.

She went to the same college I did.

She was roommates with my friend J.

She, J and I are all teachers, and went through much of the credentialing program together.

J and I now teach together. Where H went to high school. It’s a private Christian school where teachers and students have pretty wonderful relationships, so she comes to visit sometimes.

I ran into her in the leasing office a few weeks ago. She and her fiance are looking at renting an apartment in our (very large) complex.

I ran into her again. As she came to tour the apartment directly beneath us.

They’re moving in now.

I think we might be destined to be friends.

Because if we aren’t? This is just uncanny.

ETA: ANDDD! During a conversation with her mom as they moved in, I found out she took acting classes in the auditorium of my teeny-tiny middle school. Ridiculous.

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