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Is my husband a nerd?

August 10, 2010

Let me be abundantly clear – by nerd, I don’t mean socially inept (those are geeks). Nerds can have friends and be social, but there is a definite element of excitement about things that nobody cares about. Except other nerds.

I am a nerd. I own it. I teach math, I majored in math, I ♥ math. A student made me a blanket that proclaims “I ♥ math” in equation form. I have an octo-pi shirt.  I laugh at xkcd.

We had dinner with two other couples last week. Here’s the lineup:

J – teaches math with me, majored in math. Definitely nerdy.
G – her husband, went to Cal Poly, is some kind of engineer. Likes computer games and video games. Nerd.
S – an English teacher, but our English teachers are legit. I think English at our school is harder than math. Super smart. Japanese, which gives her extra nerd-cred.
K – her boyfriend. Nice. Quiet. I think he does something technical too. Too quiet to tell.

But all of us? Own our nerdiness. Matt was the only one who was in denial. We almost had an intervention. So, dear readers, I need your help. Arguments for nerdiness appear below, with his rebuttals in parentheses.

  • He has worked in the tech industry since he was 19. (But always in sales, not on the technical side.)
  • He is an early adopter of new technology. He stood in line on opening day to get the iPhone 3G. He was even interviewed by the news. (But they quit after a minute and didn’t air his interview because he wasn’t a crazy Apple fanboy.) He bought an iPhone 4 on opening day.
  • He plays Starcraft. He bought it on opening day, and beat the game in less than two weeks. (But he is only a rare video/computer game player, and prefers to play with groups of friends.)
  • He has probably watched every YouTube video that has Steve Jobs in it. Every. One. (He is an entrepreneur, and is learning from observing someone successful.) He may or may not have printed and framed a picture of Steve Jobs, and had it on his desk until I noticed it was bigger than the picture of ME on his desk. (He took it down.)
  • He geeks out over new technology. (“No, I don’t geek out. You should see the guys at work, now THEY are crazy.”) Comparing yourself to nerdier people that you hang out with at work? Doesn’t help.
  • He owns this shirt:
    OSX - Software we can belive in
  • He works for @pp1e.
  • A few words in his defense – he is very athletic, loves to play sports, is good-looking and sociable. He plays the drums. He has a tan. I am probably not the best one to argue this side, because I am already convinced, and also, I love him in spite of because of his nerdiness.
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