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Breaking the Anniversary Curse

August 20, 2010

We celebrated our 6th anniversary this summer, and to be perfectly honest? I was feeling a little trepidatious about it – nothing to do with our marriage, everything to do with our previous even-numbered anniversaries. So far, our odd numbered anniversaries have been lovely and uneventful, while our even numbered ones have been… less so. To wit:

2005 – Our First Anniversary: Surprise trip to San Diego, planned entirely by Matt. Well, kind of a surprise. He is no good at keeping things from me, and I like it that way. He let it slip about a week beforehand, but the dinner cruise was still a surprise.

Dinner cruise for our first anniversary

This picture was taken with FILM, and then scanned on a flatbed scanner. We are old.

We also went to the Wild Animal Park, which was unexpectedly awesome. Way better than I expected.

Also? We’re dorks.

Wild Animal Park dorks

2006 – Our Second Anniversary: I was still in college and had literally just finished summer school the Friday before. It was my first Monday off; Matt was planning on working a half day and then celebrating that afternoon and evening.

He got laid off. He was working from home, and literally woke me to tell me he no longer had a job, they were shutting down the California branch entirely.

His sister and her (then) husband made us a romantic steak and shrimp dinner, while we contemplated how we would survive on no income – one income and one full-time student was hard enough. It actually ended up being one of the best summers of our married lives. We were reminded just how loving and generous our friends and families are, and when we were at our lowest, we cashed in our spare change at the grocery store to buy food… and spent it on Lucky Charms and Hawaiian Punch. We got to spend so much time together as he looked for a job, and he found a great one in September, just when school was starting.

2007 – Our Third Anniversary. We went to a romantic dinner at Sabor (an awesome Spanish restaurant), and then to see Wicked at the Pantages. Also a surprise, and a huge treat for me: in addition to being a math nerd, in a former life I was a theatre kid, and I will always have a deep and abiding love for musicals.


2008 – Our Fourth Anniversary: Our two year old niece, Stephanie, was hospitalized for seizures just days before. Matt and his dad were taking turns staying overnight in the hospital with his brother, while I took care of Steph’s older sister. We had reservations at Gordon Ramsey at the London, and his family was determined that we wouldn’t break them. Clearly, family comes first, but they had things under control and could do without us for an evening. I brought his clothes to the hospital, and we rushed to make our reservation. So incredibly worth it – truly the best food either of us has experienced, and fabulous service. It was a night to remember, but it was tainted with fear for our (now very healthy) tiny little niece.

Neither of us were thinking much, so this is the only picture I took. Yes, it’s in the bathroom.

bathroom cell phone shot

2009 – Our Fifth Anniversary: a relaxing long weekend away at a hotel and spa in Palm Springs. So relaxing and uneventful, in fact, that the only picture either of us took was of Matt’s steak the first night there. And it’s dark, so you don’t get to see it. Lovely, but uneventful.

I braced myself this year for the possibilities of job loss, hospitalization, and other disastrous events. It turned out to be our favorite anniversary ever – but that’s for another post.

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