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Why I am a teacher, #1

November 8, 2010

Today was a long day – two double-length classes in a row, lots to grade, feeling behind, no break for Veteran’s Day, lots of kids who didn’t do homework, my husband is home sick, people had millions of items in the express line at the store, blah blah blah ad infinitum.

And then.

One of my students from my first year of teaching tagged me in this post on facebook.

“Struggling and working for anything makes you stronger – its like building a muscle. You have to lift heavy things to make strong muscles, and they get strong by being torn down and built back up again. People are the same way.”

I said that to her two years ago, when her family was losing their house, and she was fighting with her parents, and her mom had breast cancer, and her best friends had abandoned her. And she remembered. And it helped her.

Math is nice, but that right there is the real reason I’m a teacher.

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