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Spring Break

April 18, 2011

Looking at the dates in my archives, it is pretty clear that this blog belongs to a teacher. Writing regularly during the school year seems to be an impossibility. Too busy with the dailyness of teaching, and maybe that’s how it should be, if I’m going to be any good at it. But I digress.

This spring break is going full speed ahead; a departure from my usual, in which the first few days are spent doing nothing of note. Generally, it’s Wednesday before I decide I might want to be a productive, un-pajama-ed, member of society. But my friends are awesome, and opportunity knocked.

Saturday, after an admittedly ridiculous amount of sleep, I met my friend C for massages. First one of my life, but will not be my last, and we followed that up with dim sum happy hour at PF Changs. C is the friend I accompanied to her ultrasound last summer, and she’s now the momma of a seriously adorable skinny little squirt with a full head of hair. This was her longest break from the baby ever, and I think it was good for both of us – me, because she let me vent about some recent stresses and made me laugh, and her because her husband took the reins for a few hours with their son. Lovely time with a great friend.

We started Sunday with an awesome service at church. It is uncanny how often God uses our pastor to speak directly to whatever is happening in our lives. That’s one thing that helped us figure out that this place should be our church home; though it’s a large congregation, we feel so connected during service that the size isn’t overwhelming. And our amazing small group doesn’t hurt either.

Matt had a basketball date with some friends after church, so I found myself a sunny spot outside the gym and did this.


And it was perfect.

We rushed home and met my friends J and S and their husbands for a sunset hike in Malibu. There’s a neat little trail that takes you to the ruins of a house from the 1950s, built up in the hills next to a waterfall. It was lovely and sunny where we live, but the coast was overcast, so “sunset hike” turned into “Crap, how did it get dark so FAST?” followed quickly by being extra super nice to the forest ranger so he didn’t ticket us for being there after closing. Totally worth it.


Me and J, right before it got dark. Oops.

Today was productive projects around the house day. I spray painted a mirror/shelf thing that I bought paint for LAST SUMMER, made a couple meals to tide us over, and did so much boring spring cleaning, my scrubbing arm may just fall off. But at least it made me feel like this:

If that link isn’t funny to you, you may want to question your friendship with me.

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