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7 Years Strong

July 8, 2011

7th anniversary at Stone BreweryFor anyone who is engaged and trying to set a date, may I recommend getting married on a holiday weekend? Our anniversary is July 3rd, and I love love love that it’s tied with the 4th of July. Even if Matt has to work, we can always do something great because the next day is a guaranteed holiday. Some years we’ve planned a lot, gone on trips, done fancy romantic dinners, etc., but this anniversary was laid back and relaxing, and we spent it with friends. It works, this year. Anniversaries have a lot to do with your stage in marriage – when you’re newlyweds, everything feels extra special and exciting… and sort of private, right? After 7 years (wow!), we are comfortable in our own skins; we cherish each other, love time alone together, but a weekend with friends in a place we love sounded just perfect.

Saturday we went to a beautiful little wedding on the beach – nothing like watching other people get married to make you nostalgic about your own wedding. Then we packed up the car and headed down to San Diego; my friend Sarah grew up there, and her parents have an adorable house with a guest cottage, surrounded by fruit trees. Idyllic. We met up with Sarah, Jenessa and their husbands for dinner at Coronado Brewing Co. (awesome for vegetarians! Get the hummus and the veggie burger, both were super tasty.)

Sunday we slept in (whoops, no church!), and when we went in to the main house, Sarah’s mom had made breakfast, including orange-grapefruit juice and pomegranate syrup, from their own trees! We basically got spoiled rotten. :] We bought tons of food and spend the afternoon grilling, eating guacamole (25 tiny avocados for $5!! from a stand by their house), and lying around in the shade.¬†Everything about their house and this day reminded me of my grandpa’s house, and the 4ths of my childhood – yay for nostalgia.

Sarah’s husband is a total beer geek (and is quickly turning Matt into one!), so for dinner on the 3rd we went to the restaurant at Stone Brewing Co. I WISH I hadn’t eaten so much at lunch – by the time we had appetizers, no one was hungry, but they had some vegetarian options that looked amazing (Wild Mushrooms over Penne, anyone?) We sat and drank and laughed and enjoyed each other and the perfect weather for four hours, and I couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary this year.

at Stone

Married for 7 years + 8 hours!

He was supposed to be kissing me

This picture = us. He was supposed to be kissing my cheek. I am clearly horrified.

Monday we were treated to another amazing breakfast, and Sarah’s mom let us pick fresh fruit of their trees to bring home! Then everyone else headed back to LA while Matt and I met up with his little sister, her boyfriend, and some of their friends. Oh gosh, I am so drastically not in college anymore, but it was still fun despite the fact that we were the only people at Pacific Beach over 25. Case in point – music at the shore club includes the opening guitar chord from the 90210 theme song. Matt and I both get excited, and then realize we are THE ONLY ONES who recognize it. At least we’re in this getting older thing together. :]

We ended the day at the beach in La Jolla. The three of them had a little adventure involving rocks and a riptide and had to be rescued! I am much more cautious. :] Post-beach, we went back to their hotel which overlooked the water and had a great rooftop balcony. Perfect spot for fireworks!

la jolla

These people CAMPED OUT for spots. We were luckier.

My favorite part of the Fourth of July by the beach is getting into warm clothes and snuggling up for fireworks. This was the best display I’ve ever seen, with the best man I’ve ever known. I am so so blessed to be living this life.


7 years, 1 day, 10 hours later, and he's still my favorite.


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