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Our Sixth Anniversary

July 8, 2011

Yes, you just read about our 7th. Whoops. I meant to blog about this all last summer, and it just didn’t happen. But it was so special and memorable and happy, I just can’t leave it in the past!

Matt works in business-to-business sales, providing pretty much the best customer experience you can imagine. Because he’s so awesome, one of his customers last year, as a thank you, offered to get us in to Club 33 at Disneyland. My momma and I are SUCH Disney-philes, it’s hard to find something at Disneyland we haven’t done… unless it’s a secret restaurant where you have to be a member to get a reservation. There is really nothing like being given the VIP treatment at the Happiest Place on Earth.

We borrowed his dad’s convertible T-bird (thanks dad!), and pulled up to valet at the Grand Californian, which is the beautiful craftsman-style hotel at California Adventure. We were met by the special guests coordinator, who gave us our park-hopper tickets, itinerary, and World of Color passes in a fancy envelope. Normally you have to get a fast pass for World of Color, but she assured us that we could walk right up and have the best seats in the house. I am not a person who desires fame and fortune, but if this is how celebrities get treated at Disneyland, I’ll take it.

Our reservation wasn’t until 7, so we did a few of our favorite things in the parks. Soarin’ Over California is pretty much my favorite ride of all time. While we were in line, we realized we’d spent anniversaries at lots of the places you glide over during the ride! So now our goal is to spend an anniversary at every one. For year 8, I’m rooting for canoeing down Redwood Creek, or a hot air balloon ride in Napa.

We went back to the hotel and changed – even though we live within driving distance of Anaheim, not having to drive is a nice little luxury.

Ready for dinner

Matt pointed out that this outfit was very Belle in her blue dress, aka my very favorite princess. I swear I didn't plan it!

Back to the park, went on the Haunted Mansion because it’s Matt’s favorite. On our way, he captured this picture:

I am a nerd.

The look on my face? Is because I had just realized that we were going to Club 33 for our 6th anniversary, and 3+3=6. I love those kinds of numerical coincidences (our wedding was 7/3/04, 3+4=7, we were both 21 when we got married, 7×3=21, there are 21 diamonds in my wedding set… I could go on forever.)

After the ride, we proceeded to the restaurant and rang the secret doorbell for our reservation. If you’ve never seen it, Club 33 is in New Orleans Square, right next to the entrance for the Blue Bayou (the restaurant you float through on Pirates of the Caribbean.) You’d never notice it unless you were looking for it; it’s a green door with a small sign that says 33. I’d walked past it a million times before I knew it was there. You ring the intercom, they ask for your reservation name, and then you are whisked in the door (while other people wonder where in the world you are going!) Seriously, look for people who are oddly dressed-up in New Orleans Square, it’s likely they have a reservation.

We took the french lift up – it’s a fancy little elevator that Disney had specially commissioned. The whole restaurant is filled with interesting Disney artifacts – Matt took pictures of lots of little details, but there are better ones all over the internet that weren’t taken with a camera phone!

Club 33

The view from our table - beautiful.

Dinner was lovely – amazing food, although a year later I can’t remember what we ate! The service was outstanding – they make you feel SO special, and I think they appreciated that we respected the dress code and didn’t wear shorts and flip flops. :] Fantasmic happened just before we ate dessert, so we went out on the balcony and had a perfect view, above the crowds who didn’t ever realize we were there!

Club 33 Anniversary Dessert


After dessert, we realized we needed to BOOK IT to make the World of Color show, all the way over in California Adventure. We were practically running in my very unpractical shoes, and I never would have made it except that we stopped and bought me flip flops near Indiana Jones, begging random strangers to let us cut in line for our anniversary and giggling like teenagers.

If you go to Disneyland any time soon, DO NOT MISS the World of Color. It’s like the fountains in front of the Bellagio, times a million, plus Disney. Breathtaking. I think we described it best here. :]

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