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First official Monday of summer!

July 12, 2011

Oh, what a lovely day yesterday was. Because of how summer school fell, this is my first full week with no work, and having a Monday off with no work in site felt ssoooooo good. A day like that needs documentation (mostly for myself when it’s mid-November and I’m wondering when I’ll ever have a day with no papers to grade!)

  • Wore my new TOMS outside for the first time.
TOMS Navy Bimini Women's Stitchouts

SO glad I ordered these when I did - got the last seven and a half!

  • Neighborhood Starbucks handled the most annoying order ever (grande decaf soy caramel light frappuccino) with ease. Seriously, I was kind of embarrassed to order it.
  • My friend S picked me up, and we went to her awesome stylist for haircuts. Best part: the stylist actually believed me when I told her my hair is naturally spiral curly, and gave me a cut that will work both curly and straight. Second best part: Someone else blowdrying my hair for me. Ah, the luxury. If I were ever to come into a ridiculous sum of money, I would pay someone to wash and dry my hair for me every day.

    My eyes look like they're looking different places - I didn't even know I could do that!

  • Spent an hour or so making my kitchen sparkly clean, then messed it all up making my favorite vegetarian meal to date. I could eat Mongolian BBQ for every meal, and this tasted just like it. It took maybe 20 minutes, and that’s just because I’m a slow carrot peeler. I tried to take a picture for this post, but it was too ugly and I would rather eat dinner than style it.
    Soba Noodles with Vegetables PDF
    Soba Noodles with Vegetables EVERNOTE
  • Worked out with S, channeling myself 20 years ago by wearing leggings and scrunch socks because that’s what was clean. I looked pretty awesome.
Today, my very best friend from high school is in town; I’m having lunch and a beach day with her, her husband, and their two adorable kids. I’ve never even met her daughter who is around 18 months – definitely overdue for a visit!
Brittany Michelle Senior Year Fall Rally 1

Me and Brittany, September 1999

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