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Meet Emily

July 22, 2011


This sweet girl came home from the shelter with us on Tuesday! Can you believe another family adopted and returned this bundle of cuddle? She hadn’t been back at the shelter for more than an hour when we arrived. We originally had wanted a tiny kitten, but she was so warm and friendly, we knew she was the one for us. I have had and known plenty of kitties in my life, and she is the snuggliest I’ve ever known. The first night we had her, we were lying down watching a movie, and she pushed herself under my blanket and slept curled against my chest.


She loves Matt, and this is huge for him. He wasn’t raised with cats because his mom hates them, and the cat I had when we started dating was terrified of him because he’s so big. He’s never met a cat that liked him right away, but Emily can’t get enough of him! He’s pretty sweet with her.


We were a little worried at first – we fell for her before we knew she was returned by her last family for not using the litter box. I think they must have had lots of other cats that she didn’t get along with, but she has been perfect since we brought her home. As we got ready for bed the first night, Matt turned to me and said, “I still don’t like cats. I just like our cat. And there’s no other woman in the world that I would have adopted one for.” Love him, love my Emily, and love especially that the adore each other.


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